ClearCurrent PRO

PRO technology
provides a foundation
for big benefits.

  • Captures small particulate and contaminants to minimize fouling and gas turbine performance degradation
  • F9 (EN779) and MERV 14 (ASHRAE 52.2) efficiency particulate air filtration
  • PRO technology helps prevent water from reaching turbine blades, mitigating corrosion within the gas turbine
  • Low initial pressure drop and long filter operating life
  • Fits a range of new and retrofit systems
  • Fully compliant with GE OEM filter performance specifications
  • Available in self-cleaning and static systems

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Inlet filtration starts with compressor health. The best way to protect your compressor is to invest in a proper filtration system. The experts at GE will show you how to evaluate your inlet filters, and how it can significantly reduce turbine degradation, improve power output, and lower heat rates.

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GE Inlet Filter Media vs. the Competition’s Filter Media

Experiment Preview

This short video reveals how ClearCurrent PRO inlet filter media protects from dirt and water — while the competition’s filter media doesn’t.

Full Experiment

Watch the complete version of the experiment featured in the video to the left. You’ll see the details of how both types of filter media were tested in identical conditions — and how ClearCurrent PRO media provides superior protection.

Watch Us Unveil ClearCurrent PRO Inlet Filters at POWER-GEN International 2012

Watch Paul Browning, president and CEO of Thermal Products for GE Power & Water, discuss these inlet filters' many benefits. Skip to the 12:20 mark in the video above to see his presentation from POWER-GEN International 2012 in Orlando, Florida.

Case Studies

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GE Air Filtration – Inland Case Study